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Frequently Asked Questions

Career & Charity Work

What is Ragnar Horn’s employment history?

Ragnar Horn is the current Chairman of Taconic AS, which is a private investment firm that invests in Norwegian property and real estate, as well as having investments and holdings in international shipping. Previous to his role at the Norwegian investment company, Horn gained experience in the financial industry in the US, having worked in New York for the investment banks Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse First Boston, as well as working in Singapore for RS Platou ASA.

What was Ragnar Horn’s role with RS Platou ASA?

RS Platou ASA was founded in 1936 by Ragnar Horn’s grandfather, Ragnar Platou. Horn was the Chairman of the shipbrokerage company; he worked for four years in the Singapore office from 2007 until 2011, before the company was merged with Clarksons PLC.

Which boards does Ragnar Horn serve on?

Between 2005 and 2017 Ragnar Horn was the Board Chair of the Oslo International School, during which time he led two major building campaigns and renovations for the school. Horn is currently on the boards of several public and private organisations – he is the Director of Scandinavia’s leading real estate companies, Eiendomsspar AS, and he is on the board for a Norwegian shipping company and another real estate firm. Horn is also a member of the Harvard Business School Global Leaders Circle, as well as being a member of the Global Leadership Council for the not-for-profit organisation Right to Play.

What is Ragnar Horn’s connection to the charity Right to Play?

Since 2012, Ragnar Horn and his wife Joey Horn have supported Right to Play. Both Ragnar and Horn have previously visited Uganda to participate in programs by Right to Play, and continued their involvement with the charity with a visit to Tanzania in the summer of 2018. Ragnar and Joey have three children and their middle son, Christian, worked as an intern in Uganda in 2015 for Right to Play, as well as spending a year with the charity working in Toronto and Kampala.

Outside of his work responsibilities, what hobbies and activities does Ragnar Horn enjoy?

Ragnar Horn is an avid skier, having previously been a Division 1 Nordic cross-country racer. Horn still takes part in regular ski marathons across Europe – mainly in Italy, Sweden and Norway – and ranks in the top 10 in his age range.