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Harvard Business School (HBS) is the specialised school for business graduates in Harvard University, based in Boston, Massachusetts. You can learn more about Harvard University in the short video attachment to this post. HBS offers a range of business courses, including executive educational programmes, doctoral programmes, and a large full-time Master of Business Administration qualification. Taconic AS chairman Ragnar Horn is a former graduate of the HBS MBA programme and is a current member of the Global Leaders Circle. Harvard Business School aims to educate people who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Harvard Business School MBA Programme

The Master’s in Business Administration degree programme at Harvard Business School is a full-time, two-year residential course with strong focus on real-world business practice and experience. The curriculum explores general business management through a range of case studies and role playing exercises, encouraging students to step into the shoes of real business leaders and explore the challenges they face on a daily basis in the real world. Difficult decisions need to be made and the consequences analysed, with students benefitting from the diverse ideas of their peers as well as their tutors.

The MBA programme at HBS attracts a diverse pool of students from everywhere in the world, bringing new perspectives to the table for each case study. The class profile of 2018 features students from 69 countries internationally, making up 37% of the total intake. Wherever they come from, HBS MBA students share the common traits of analytical attitudes, an engagement with community citizenship and leadership qualities.

The PDF attachment looks at the early history of Harvard Business School.

Eight Doctoral Programmes

There are currently eight doctoral programmes offered at Harvard Business School, covering a variety of areas of business. The programme areas are: Management, Accounting & Management, Marketing, Business Economics, Strategy, Technology & Operations Management, Health Policy (Management), and Organisational Behaviour. Doctoral students are encouraged to address some of the most complex and critical ideas and challenges in the current business world, exploring a vast range of topics and benefitting from access to unrivalled resources including financial support and top-class research facilities.

HBS Executive Programmes

Harvard Business School offers a vast array of individual executive programmes designed to strengthen the skills of participants in terms of leadership and business management. Many courses are targeted for in-depth learning for a specific topic, skillset or challenge. Other courses have a broader scope, offering a comprehensive curriculum of management and leadership. Participants can even tailor their course to advance their own specific development goals by building on the appropriate competencies.

Alongside individual course, HBS offers a range of transformative learning solutions for businesses and organisations. These include programmes designed for the enhancement of small teams, as well as enterprise learning to make an immediate and quantifiable impact on the business in question.

HBX: Online Learning

Through the HBX learning portal, Harvard Business School opens up opportunities and resources for learning for those who cannot be physically present at the school. The HBX courses follow the teaching methods of the classes on campus, offering case-based learning for real-world experience. Online students also have access to a global network of peers for support, idea sharing and more. The learning tools within the platform are interactive and engaging, fostering active learning. HBX is ideal for those who are ready to progress in their careers but might need to enhance their knowledge, skills, experience or qualifications to be able to do so.

In the infographic attachment you can find out about the world’s top business schools, where Harvard Business School ranks highly.