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Team Ragde Eiendom is a professional cross-country skiing team established in 2007 by brothers Anders Aukland and Jørgen Aukland. Team Ragde Eiendom participates in the Visma Ski Classics and is currently the leading team, aiming to maintain that position throughout the upcoming new season.

After four years as Team Santander, the team is now back under a new sponsor and ready to take on the challenges of the season. Anders Aukland remains on the team as one of the strongest skiers, along with six more contenders including new addition Andreas Nygaard. Andreas demonstrated his talent through placing second overall in the Visma Ski Classics and securing the win at Birken and Vassaloppet.

The goal of the team this season is to take away all the jerseys in the Guide World Classic Tour. You can learn more about the categories of the GWCT in the infographic attachment to this post. Ragnar Horn is a co-sponsor of a professional marathon cross-country ski team and an avid skier.

About Anders Aukland

Anders Aukland is one of the founders of Team Ragde Eiendom and a world-renowned sportsman, competing in a variety of running and athletics events as well as cross-country skiing. Born in 1972 in Tønsberg, Norway, Aukland was educated at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences. Today he lives in Oslo and has racked up numerous victories and podium appearances throughout his career.

Aukland is a former national champion for Norway in the 10,000 metres and 5,000 metres, having represented both his home town team Tønsberg FIK and IK Tjalve. In 2001, Aukland received the Egebergs Ærespris, a prize awarded in Norway to athletes who have excelled in more than one sporting discipline.

In his skiing career, Aukland has won Sweden’s Vasaloppet in 2004, the Marcialonga in 2008 and the Birkebeinerrennet in 2010. His individual World Cup results include six victories and 13 podiums, and his team results four victories and five podiums, with results sourced from the International Ski Federation. He has won gold medals in both the World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Cross-Country Skiing Norway

Cross-country skiing is a favoured past-time in Norway, popular during the winter months and an ingrained part of the history and culture of the country. In the PDF attachment you can learn more about cross-country skiing and its variants.

Norwegian skiers have historically dominated competitive skiing and skiing events at the Olympics and the World Cup. Hordes of Norwegians are attracted each year to the Birkebeinerrennet ski marathon and some of the world’s most accomplished skiers regularly visit Norway to tour the mountainous terrain. Contests in Norway for cross-country skiing have been organised regularly since as far back as 1840 and the very first Winter Olympic Games featured a men’s event for the discipline.

Skiing in Norway: Novices and Experts

Norway features a series of resorts for both cross-country and alpine skiing across the country. Many resorts are family-friendly and good for beginners, while more experienced skiers craving the thrill of adventure can explore off-piste in a variety of locations. Even the coastal areas have safe, easily groomed slopes ideal for beginners, although most of the ski resorts are situated in the more mountainous regions. There are occasional avalanches in the mountains, however, so even the most experienced skiers should familiarise themselves with weather reports and local conditions before setting off on a skiing adventure. The stunning Norway winter scenery includes glaciers, fjords, mountains and waterfalls as a spectacular backdrop to a skiing trip for enthusiasts of all levels.

The short video attachment gives a brief overview of the Guide World Classics Tour.